FLEX Pro Has Arrived!

Today we released the free FLEX Pro website theme update we’ve been previewing for weeks. 

This new update will not affect the look of your site by default, but it comes with a set of super-powerful new tools that give you more flexibility for customizing your site’s appearance than you’ve ever had before.

During the past few weeks, we’ve offered free daily webinars demonstrating a few of the key components of the upgrade. For anyone who missed those or wants to revisit them, we’re sharing recordings of them below. These act as the first tutorial videos for exploring FLEX Pro.

Design Drafts
Header and Footer Designer
Widget Areas Designer
Custom Page Layouts

There is an activation (or import) process in order to start using the new Site Designer tool for headers, footers and widget areas. You have everything you need to do this already now that the FLEX Pro update is live, and the webinars listed above can help you along the way.

Here are eight demo sites we created to show you what the new design tools can do:

Starting today, you can use the new design tools to create any of these looks for your site or come up with something new that’s entirely your own.

If your site is feeling outdated, now is the perfect time to give it a makeover with the new set of controls. If you’re not ready to take on that challenge on your own, you can hire a SNO design expert to do it for you. Our FLEX Pro Conversion service is just $50 through June 30th, and you can use any of the demo sites above as a model for your new website design.