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It was planned that Anthony Bourdain would use some of his free time, which he rarely had, in the summer of 2018 to start working on a book. It never happened. Bourdain died in June 2018. However, that book was published this week. The New York TimesHow Do You Write an Anthony Bourdain Book Without Anthony Bourdain? “Facing all of the unwritten essays, she reached out to Mr. Bourdain’s friends, family members and former colleagues to fill that space: His younger brother, Christopher Bourdain, writes about traveling to the Jersey Shore and Uruguay for episodes of ‘Parts Unknown’ and ‘No Reservations’; the record producer Steve Albini provides a lengthy list of his favorite where-would-Bourdain-eat spots in Chicago; the Toronto restaurateur Jen Agg recounts how the stunt that made her restaurant famous (a ‘bone luge’ shot, in which bourbon is poured down a hollowed out veal bone) was concocted for an episode of ‘The Layover,’ the relatively short-lived Travel Channel show that was, before this book, the closest Mr. Bourdain ever came to making a ‘how to’ guide. ‘It’s a hard and lonely thing to co-author a book about the wonders of world travel when your writing partner, that very traveler, is no longer traveling that world,’ Ms. Woolever admits in the book’s introduction.”

In other journalism

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