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The SNO Report: Full-Screen Embeds for Adobe Spark

For publications using Adobe Spark, we’ve got a specialty feature for you. The Full Screen Embed template allows you to embed third-party embed codes into the post body of a story on your site and have them display at full screen when someone clicks on to go to the story. It could conceivably work with […]

Break it up, you clique: this week on Fresh Powder

Break it up, you clique. Big Podcasting, a reference to the old money being infused into the industry, is relatively new but has developed so quickly that you might not know who owns your favorite podcast anymore. Spotify? iHeartMedia? SiriusXM? What about Amazon? With big media companies buying up so many once-independent podcasts productions, is […]


The SNO Report: Getting to Know Your SNO Analytics

When you put a story up online, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly who’s reading it. But there are clues. You just have to take the time to look.  SNO Analytics In this corner of your website’s dashboard, you can learn some of the most straightforward information about your readership. Number of Page Views. How […]


The SNO Report: Updates to FLOW + a Free Trial

“We have all of these assignments. I don’t know where any of them came from. How do we get rid of them?” Gone unmanaged, FLOW can get messy. Believe us, different versions of this concern are brought to us frequently via support tickets and virtual training. The ability to clear out the graded, published or […]

New options for Category Pages

Our latest FLEX theme update includes myriad options for customizing your category pages within the two preset page styles already available (Preview Tiles, List With Sidebar) and one new style we’ve added (List). In total, this update increases your customization options for those pages by three-to-four times. It does very little to impact the visual […]

Reviewing the resources on your dashboard

In an effort to make managing your account easier, advisers can find every resource and record imaginable on their website’s dashboard. To refresh your memory, let’s go over everything that’s accessible there. (Follow along by clicking on SNO Dashboard on your website.)   On the first page … You’ll see four bright white boxes with […]