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Honey? Where’s my supersuit?: this week on Fresh Powder

When’s the last time you thought about Britney Spears? Was it when she posted something weird on her Instagram? Or was it when one of her hits came up on the playlist you were listening to? Reignited by a new documentary and developments in her conservatorship situation, the world is thinking about her again. This time, it’s thinking about why she […]


The SNO Report: Selling Ads This Spring

Since setting up advertising services like SNO Ads as a free, optional extra for our customers, we’ve noticed an annual trend: springtime spending sprees. We always see an uptick in advertising this time of year. Prom dress sales, tuxedo rentals, beauty salons, summer camps, college recruiters, driving schools — these kinds of companies want your business. And […]

The whole world is going crazy: this week on Fresh Powder

“The idea of objectivity—I should make clear—it’s not neutrality, it’s not both-sides-ism, it’s not so-called balance. It’s never been that. That’s not the idea of objectivity. But once we do our reporting, once we do a rigorous job and we’re satisfied that we’ve done the job in an appropriate way, we’re supposed to tell people […]


The SNO Report: What to Know About Plugins

Plugins are a great perk of being part of the WordPress community, which you are by way of your SNO site by the way. There’s a massive library of ready-to-install plugins at your disposal, right on your dashboard, and some of them actually add nice features and enhancements to your site. We’ll get to that. […]

Are you Abed? I love Star Wars: this week on Fresh Powder

Are you Abed? I love Star Wars. “After they choose their subject—topics have included urban legends, infamous cultural figures, and tabloid fodder such as the Satanic Panic of the nineteen-eighties—one host usually does a mountain of research, and the other comes into the episode completely blind, with only their assumptions and memories to go on. […]


The SNO Report: Tips to Avoid Copyright Infringement

The Super Bowl is over. The bad guys won. Your sports editor wrote a little recap. Now, what about getting that photo? Chances are you’re probably not going to be able to find one to reuse easily if at all, unless you know someone who was there or pay a subscription for a wire service. […]

Then we’ll punch a hole in the sky: this week on Fresh Powder

Then we’ll punch a hole in the sky. What’s the value in being first if what you’re reporting isn’t serving your audience’s taste? Perhaps there isn’t any. You may not know his name, but Chris Stirewalt was the Fox News Channel politics editor who called Arizona for Biden on election night — well before other […]

FLEX UPDATE: Staff Profile Changes Coming Soon

Your staff profiles are about to change. Take a look at the new design: Staff Pages will not be effected by the newest FLEX Theme update, but each student’s staff profile will look and operate a little differently. This update comes down to a simple reassessment of how we think staff profiles should work. Here’s […]