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New options for Category Pages

Our latest FLEX theme update includes myriad options for customizing your category pages within the two preset page styles already available (Preview Tiles, List With Sidebar) and one new style we’ve added (List). In total, this update increases your customization options for those pages by three-to-four times. It does very little to impact the visual […]

Reviewing the resources on your dashboard

In an effort to make managing your account easier, advisers can find every resource and record imaginable on their website’s dashboard. To refresh your memory, let’s go over everything that’s accessible there. (Follow along by clicking on SNO Dashboard on your website.)   On the first page … You’ll see four bright white boxes with […]

Advertising on your SNO site

Advertising is down this year, as local business owners keep one hand on their pocketbooks at all times amid this pandemic. Still, with budgets so tightly wound across the board, any advertising purchase could help you pay to keep your publication up and running. That makes it very important that you know how to bring […]

Tips for iPhone photography

Depending on how you’re schooling this year, you may have less access to your school’s trough of camera equipment and be more reliant on your mobile phone than ever. It’s a good practice to strive for having a photo with every article you’re publishing. If you’re pursuing the SNO Distinguished Sites Multimedia Badge, you’re going […]

What? Like it’s hard?: this week on Fresh Powder

What? Like it’s hard?   “In my very informal survey of Covid-19-era hires who work in office jobs, the key challenge appears to be the most obvious one: You have to work with a lot of people you’ve never met before, and seeing them on video calls doesn’t mean you’re really getting to know them. […]

How to add your print PDFs online

Issuu has long been a popular tool for embedding a digital, interactive copy of your print edition on your website. Now, it’s raising its prices. Whether you’re looking for a solution to embed your print PDF online for the first time or now looking for a cheaper alternative, we’re here with a few suggestions. But […]

Why it’s greased lightnin’: this week on Fresh Powder

Why it’s greased lightnin’. A thousand years ago, when Zoom was basically nothing, who did the company think its product was for? It doesn’t matter now, as more than 100,000 U.S. school districts and about half of our higher-ed are using the videoconferencing platform. Whatever Zoom thought it was, it has had to virtually reinvent […]

Learn about the overhauled Widgets interface

This fall, you may start to notice changes to your Widget Control Panel, like a full-screen editing interface and a widget called the Story List. We launched this FLEX update to all sites last spring. Let’s review. Why? The new editing and customization interface on the Widget Control Panel is designed to be easier to […]