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FLEX Pro: Introducing the Widget Areas Designer

Not unlike the header and footer customizer we reviewed last week, the Widget Areas Designer gives you a ton of freedom to reimagine what you can do with your homepage. Rather than presenting you with six standardized widget configuration options (the old way), using the new Widget Areas Designer allows you to reshape (in size, shape, location, […]

FLEX Pro: Introducing the Header and Footer Designer

If you thought you had a lot of flexibility before, you’re about to have even more now. A big driving factor of the FLEX Pro theme update was giving you the ability to break away from the old structures of your website — the six Widget Area Configurations (more on that next week), the above […]

FLEX Pro: Introducing Design Drafts

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be explaining some of the main components of FLEX Pro, a free theme upgrade coming to your site soon. This week, we’re introducing you to Design Drafts. The concept of Design Drafts is one we’ve long been asked to build. Essentially, it gives your staff the ability to work on the design […]

Ice cream chillin’: this week on Fresh Powder

It was planned that Anthony Bourdain would use some of his free time, which he rarely had, in the summer of 2018 to start working on a book. It never happened. Bourdain died in June 2018. However, that book was published this week. The New York Times: How Do You Write an Anthony Bourdain Book Without Anthony […]


THEME UPDATE: FLEX Pro is on the way

Earlier this year, we implemented major changes to the formatting of staff profile and category pages on our FLEX theme. What’s coming up however is the biggest update to the website theme since it was launched — so big, in fact, that we’ve given it a new name. The free, upgraded FLEX Pro is coming soon. We’re in the […]

What we need are legends: this week on Fresh Powder

“Celebrity blogs aren’t as directly unkind as they used to be. It is far less acceptable, for example, for a blogger to post an upskirt photo of a teenager today than it was back when Hilton and other bloggers of his ilk would post those photos of Miley Cyrus as she gets out of her […]

You smell like it’s hot out: this week on Fresh Powder

Just as I was figuring out what TikTok is for, now there’s an app called Clubhouse. The live, audio-only social network occasionally sounds cool (you can drop into rooms to imagine “How to rob a bank,” same as you can to make “Parent Confessions”), but it also sounds deceptively strange (a heavy tech presence, even […]