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Why it’s greased lightnin’: this week on Fresh Powder

Why it’s greased lightnin’. A thousand years ago, when Zoom was basically nothing, who did the company think its product was for? It doesn’t matter now, as more than 100,000 U.S. school districts and about half of our higher-ed are using the videoconferencing platform. Whatever Zoom thought it was, it has had to virtually reinvent […]

The SNO Report: Learn about the overhauled Widgets interface

This fall, you may start to notice changes to your Widget Control Panel, like a full-screen editing interface and a widget called the Story List. We launched this FLEX update to all sites last spring. Let’s review. Why? The new editing and customization interface on the Widget Control Panel is designed to be easier to […]

The SNO Report: What’s new from SNO?

SNO never stops developing its platform. Over the past several months, we’ve brought you a number of new things. In case you’re only just now trying to catch up, here’s some of what’s new: SNOAds.com This summer we launched SNOAds.com, a new platform designed to make it easy for advertisers to buy ads on student […]

SNO recognizes 63 student publications as SNO Distinguished Sites for 2019-2020

Over the past eight months, more publications participated in and earned SNO Distinguished Sites status than ever before in the program’s seventh year. SNO recognized 63 student publications as distinguished sites, compared to 49 last year, and awarded 264 publications with at least one badge, up from 219. And while meeting the requirements to obtain each of the six […]

Introducing SNO Ads

Today, we’re excited to announce a new, free service that makes buying and selling advertising on your website easier for everyone. SNO Ads takes the stress out of advertising sales. No longer do you have to come up with your own arbitrary prices, worry about handling payments or figure out how to put the ad on […]