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No we’re never gonna survive, unless: this week on Fresh Powder

Substack, the free newsletter platform for writers, was in the news for the wrong reasons this past week. “Following the announcement of its Substack Pro program, the platform that billed itself as a solution to media polarization has inadvertently become a source of it. As the newsletter space grows more saturated, the gaffe could create […]


The SNO Report: New Lesson on Libel

Our curriculum expert, Ivy Kaplan, has been working hard on lesson plans around principles in journalism, as part of our free journalism curriculum. Recently, she finished up work on a new, very important lesson: Libel. “One of the primary roles of the press is to report on issues of interest and concern to the public. However, individuals […]

The SNO Report: What is Newsworthy?

I’m old enough to admit that I wrote a lot of self-serving articles as a high school journalist, articles that served my interests but that didn’t necessarily have broader interest. The fact is, not all story ideas are good ones. How can you tell the difference then? It helps to understand the seven elements that […]

Ever heard of it?: this week on Fresh Powder

“I know he always asks me tough questions, and he always has an edge to them, but I like him anyway,” is a tone — an authority figure talking about a journalist — that feels fresh. (Remember this? “What a stupid question that is. I watch you a lot, you ask a lot of stupid questions.”) […]

Olivia Rodrigo, video game therapy, and teaching at Rikers Island: the last few weeks on Best of SNO

In this round of Best of SNO submissions, we’re highlighting two themes: unique story angles and inclusivity. Incorporating either of these (or both) can significantly increase the probability of your content being selected for publication, so they shouldn’t be an afterthought. Check out our selection of pieces below as inspiration for your own staff to […]

It’s raining tacos: this week on Fresh Powder

Stop spreading the news? Not exactly — just leave it out of my doctor’s office. Uproxx’s Brian Grubb wants the channel changed on waiting room TVs, from cable news to something a bit more lighthearted (think: food competitions and home renovation). “Waiting rooms are stressful enough. No one likes waiting for anything, especially not the things you […]


The SNO Report: SNO Distinguished Sites Update

As we near the end of what has been a completely unorthodox school year, the final deadline to apply and earn Distinguished Site badges for your publication is also approaching. To briefly jog your memory, the SNO Distinguished Sites recognition program gives news staffs six standards to help their publications excel online. As each standard is met, […]