The SNO Report: Strategies to grow your online audience

Chances are you’ve invested some serious effort (maybe even blood, sweat and tears) into your site. You’ve worked hard on publishing and designing, and you want to make sure it gets the attention it deserves, right? Although promoting your site to your school and community may seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be.

Here’s a breakdown of four proven strategies to help grow your online audience and generate traffic to your site. Start small with one or two action steps, or dive right in and tackle them all. Need to see some examples? No problem. We’ve linked several throughout.

Strategy: Promote your site on social media. 

Action Steps:

Strategy: Make your site a school-wide hub for information.

Action Steps:

Strategy: Start a recurring email campaign with content updates. 

Action Steps:

  • Set up an RSS email campaign on your site so that each time new content is published, subscribers are automatically notified. MailChimp is our preferred platform for doing so.

  • Add an automatic pop-up form and customize its appearance to prompt readers to subscribe upon visiting your site.

  • Embed a subscription form throughout your site to increase visibility and signups.

  • See if your school will give you permission to automatically subscribe students and teachers. If so, they can always opt out later if they’re uninterested.

Strategy: Create opportunities for engagement, interactivity, and fun on your site.

Action Steps:

If this isn’t enough inspiration to get your started, check out some of these other suggestions made by advisers in the SNO network.