The SNO Report: Start The Year With SNO Curriculum

With every new school year comes a group of new students to train in journalism. Before they can even think about using the website, they need to know a few basics of the industry.

We’re here to help, if you’d like some.

SNO Curriculum gives you educational materials to use in the classroom. Whether you’re a veteran journalism adviser or brand new, we’ve created more than 40 lessons (and counting) to help you teach your kids writing, reporting, multimedia, ethics and more. These lessons are completely free to view, download, copy and share.

Each lesson includes a Google Slides presentation and interactive, downloadable activities, assignments or other handouts for your classes. The lessons are organized by subject matter and listed in an intentional order, from the most introductory lesson (like What Makes a Good Photo) to the most in-depth (like Podcasting from your Phone).

Maybe these can help you get started. It’s just beginning for us. We’re uploading new units to the SNO Curriculum as we complete them and we always welcome your suggestions for what kind of lesson plans would be most helpful.