Testimonial — Matt Moody

Amidst a tough recession and a torrent of budget cuts, moving The Beachcomber to online journalism facilitated by SNO has been an excellent and cost-effective decision. We’ve become so popular in San Diego that other high school journalism programs have visited our school and are making the transition as well. The personal service we’ve gotten from technical support has resulted in resolution of tickets the same day, many times within minutes. The online medium has helped further our PTA’s goals, facilitated diverse populations to access our content, increased our journalists’ abilities to refine their craft, and catalyzed dialogue from school to school and with the greater community. Local businesses are taking note, and this synergy between the school and the community is truly the wave of the future that we’re happy to be surfing, thanks to School Newspapers Online.

Testimonial – Trevor Snyder

School Newspapers Online offers the most amazing technical support. Any newspaper adviser will tell you how important–and limited–time is when it comes to the efficiency of a school newspaper. Tom and Jason offer quick and precise support every time we run into a technical challenge with our school’s site. In the two years since we took our school newspaper online, Tom and Jason have consistently provided us with amazing service and we are 100% satisfied with their hosting service.

Testimonial — Joelle Keene

We are an NSPA Multimedia Finalist for work we did within 10 days of when we signed on with you!! Thank you so much for giving us the platform to have covered this huge (for us), minute-by-minute breaking news story the way that we did. It made a big difference for our community, and we are just delighted to have been recognized for it.

Testimonial — Nancy Smith

We received our NSPA critique yesterday for lhsimage.com and after only a few months online we received an All-American with four marks of distinction! The staff is so excited and I could not be more proud of how hard they have worked. And, we could not have done it without Jason and Tom. Thanks so much for all the help and support!

Testimonial #10

I would highly recommend School Newspapers Online as they fulfill everything they say they will do. Their designs work, they offer timely help, their site stays up, and it is very cost effective. Our school of 1200 started the Online Totem in mid October, and we have had great reviews from our community, especially Grandmas and Grandpas. Everything is working well for us. I know your school will enjoy working with Jason and Tom at School Newspapers Online.

Testimonial #9

This was our first year with an online paper, and we couldn’t be happier with SNO. Going “live” was painless as there was so much support available to us both online and through direct contact. We’re looking forward to an even better year next year and will be happy to continue with this great company.

Testimonial #6

As the advisor for our school paper, I can honestly say that putting our paper online has entirely changed my perception about what a school newspaper can be and do. Removing the hassles, the expense, and the waste of a hard copy newspaper has liberated me to help students with what I believe matters most … producing solid journalistic writing and creating a quality publication. The features that allow the readers to comment on articles, respond to surveys, and easily write the editor have made the paper a popular student watering hole. Tom and Jason have kindly answered every one of my questions and helped me on numerous occasions, and the handbook is quite user friendly. Finally, I must add, the paper looks great. It looks professional and polished and everyone wonders how we did it. Well, we didn’t do it…but that’s our secret.

Testimonial #5

The Kirkwood High School journalism program had dabbled with the web for three years before finding School Newspapers Online. Thanks to the help of Tom and Jason, we are now confidently publishing scholastic journalism to our site. They have helped make our leap an easy one with excellent support and service. The site allows you the flexibility to do as much or as little as you want in the area of site modification. The site is professional and easy to navigate. More than anything, Tom and Jason have made the transition to web journalism a positive one for my kids and me.

Testimonial #4

I used a SNO site last summer at a scholastic journalism summer camp for high schoolers and met with tremendous success. By the end of the first day, the band of newbies was posting online content on the site. By the end of the week they were well on their way to becoming experts (even teaching me a thing or two), posting bios, stories with hyperlinks, photos galleries and interactive graphics; they created and embedded blogs, audio slideshows, podcasts, videos and more. These students had zero experience when they walked in the door. But because of SNO’s attractive, effective design, out-of-the box-usability, ability to accommodate a wide variety of multimedia content, detailed step-by-step how-to manuals and an extremely patient, experienced and helpful staff, the students were able to create a polished, professional site that positively dazzled. Because the SNO site took all the worry out of design, set-up, operation and maintenance, my students were able to focus on the fundamentals of journalism. Also, SNO’s basis in WordPress provides students with real-world experience in a widely-used Web publishing platform that will serve them well, personally and professionally. Thank you, thank you, thank you, SNO.