The focus here is your content, while color and typography take a back seat. The design achieves a clean look through plenty of white space, thin lines, gray tones and patterned backgrounds on some widgets. The accent color is up to you.

Google Fonts include Nixie One, Lato and Adamina.


A colored header background and widget bars contribute to a classic look. Various gray tones in the page background and widgets set the borders for each area. Whether you pick a school color or go in a different direction, this starter will show lots of color.

Google Fonts include Trocchi, Paprika, Lato and Oswald.



A balance of white areas, gray tones and color, this starter will provide a fresh and contemporary look from the start. Navigation bars use the block style with spacing that is repeated in the widget styles below.

Google Fonts include Oswald, Lato and Adamina.


For the traditional look with a few contemporary elements, this starter utilizes two colors, gray tones and patterns. Stability is achieved through the restrained color use and other design tools.

Google Fonts include Sansita One, Raleway, Roboto, Roboto Slab, Roboto Condensed and Fjord One.


Inspired by the “flat” look of the latest iOS update, the minimal design elements are downplayed to allow the content to shine. Lots of white and very little color mean this look shows off your photos and text. Even the type faces are thin.

Google Fonts include Exo, Abel, Open Sans and Lato.


Everything about this starter says bold, from the black background to the heavy type faces and thick lines. These design choices can help your content stand out through contrast. This is a good option if you want to use a light accent color.

Google Fonts include Ultra, Open Sans, Trocchi and Adamina.