A new program from SNO to improve your website

We hear from our customers often, and one of the things we hear the most is that your want your website to get better.

While the SNO support site, training materials and videos help you improve your site year round, the request we get most often is for individual feedback. So today we are excited to roll out the SNO Site Review program.

As your partner in online publishing, we’ll approach the review process from a user’s perspective to provide feedback on the experience. We’ll also poke around behind the scenes and share insight into your site’s management. And of course, we’ll review your stories, videos, and photos.

A SNO Site Review won’t come with a scorebook or a certificate. That’s not the point. We want to meet you at your level and take you to the next one. When we’ve completed the review, we’ll share with you a thorough report detailing what’s working and ideas for improvement.

The best part is that while you relax this summer, we will be checking out your coverage, scouring your stories, and, heck, analyzing your analytics to bring you solutions and insights.

By the time you’re thinking about school again, you’ll have a practical list of ideas you can implement right away to help you do your job — producing great journalism.

Later this year, the SNO Site Review program will cost $100, but we’re offering a 10 percent discount on orders placed by July 15, 2014. Just $90 will get you a detailed narrative report to help you set an agenda for a great 2014-15 school year.

Are you ready for a site review? Complete this form to get started.