Georgetown chooses SNO Ad Network to reach students

To find high school students, advertisers have long known to place an ad in the school newspaper. For its 2014 summer high school programs, Georgetown University is advertising on the 21st Century version — school news websites through the SNO Ad Network. The ads will attract high school students from selected states around the country to participate in summer programs.

This is the largest ad campaign since launching the SNO Ad Network. We anticipate this campaign will be successful and lead to additional future ads. It will help SNO demonstrate to advertisers that the SNO Ad Network is a great way to reach the teen audience.

The SNO Ad Network offers national advertisers the opportunity to reach a growing audience  hundreds of student news sites. The ads benefit student journalists, too, since 70 percent of the revenue is shared with the journalism staff. As a result, dozens of SNO Ad Network sites are well on the way to paying for an annual renewal and receiving a surplus check.