The SNO Report #8: You Don’t Have Issues

It’s All About Style

You know what a widget is, you know how to add and delete them, but have you taken the time to style them?  Each SNO widget on your page gives you ability to style it individually from the others.  Setting widget styles is one of the best ways to own the design of your site

Just head to the Edit Widgets page, and open any SNO widget you have placed on the page to see the design options. You can change the colors, the style, the border thickness, even the background, like is doing. Check out what is doing with their Fashion widget––that widget has style.

You Don’t Have Issues

Publishing on online requires a new paradigm. If you’re coming from a print background, you probably thinking in terms of issues, publishing all of the information from the past week(s) at once, but when you think in terms of your website, you need to let your issues go.  Aim to publish something every day and try to think in terms of what your audience needs to hear about now.  The biggest benefit to being online is being able to publish of-the-moment, relevant news. Continually posting new content to your site will keep your online publication up-to-date and your audience coming back.  So keep your issues to yourself, or at least your print edition.

Best of Show, Yo

Congratulations to the following SNO Sites for their Best of Show awards at the 2013 JEA/NSPA Fall National High School Journalism Convention.

Publication Website Small School

2nd Place — The Muse, Dreyfoos School of the Arts, West Palm Beach, Fla.

5th Place — Communicator, Community HS, Ann Arbor, Mich.

9th Place — Southwest Shadow, Southwest Career and Technical Academy, Las Vegas, Nev.

10th Place (tie) — Mill Valley News, Mill Valley HS, Shawnee, Kan.

10th Place (tie) The Squall, Dexter HS, Dexter, Mich.

Publication Website Large School

2nd Place — tjToday, Thomas Jefferson HS for Science & Technology, Alexandria, Va.

5th Place — The Shakerite, Shaker Heights HS, Shaker Heights, Ohio

6th Place — Featherduster Online, Westlake HS, Austin, Texas

9th Place —  Lake Central Scout, Lake Central HS, St. John, Ind.

Best of SNO

Best of SNO is designed to showcase your students’ great stories, images, and videos, as well as to inspire your staff with content ideas and new approaches to traditional stories. Do you have something for Best of SNO? Submit it. We’ll let you know if it is selected.

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