The SNO Report #5: A case study of ongoing coverage

Recently, Best of SNO featured an ongoing story from The Shakerite news staff of Shaker Heights High School in Ohio. We highlighted a few of the several stories published on this topic as an example of how a news staff can cover a developing story from multiple angles. The paper’s editor in chief published a letter explaining the staff’s rationale for publishing the stories. The comprehensive continuing coverage is excellent.

The Shakerite staff published its first story on Sept. 11 and continued with six additional stories through Oct. 1, demonstrating the advantage of having an active news website when the story developed and changed. The students were able to update their readers and cover the story in a comprehensive way without waiting for the next printed edition.

Here are some tips to take away from The Shakerite case study:

  • Think ahead and plan for developing coverage. You want your staff to be prepared for a big story and lots of site traffic.
  • Create a new category for all content related to the story. Place all the stories in this category, which will surface the content related to this ongoing story for readers who visit the site and who would otherwise not be familiar with the navigation of the website.
  • Use the Related Stories function on the story page. Remember that if you categorize these stories in the same category, that a widget will also appear at the bottom of the page with other stories from that category. However, in the story editing mode, you can add related content manually. Here are instructions and a tutorial video.

SNO at CSPA’s Fall Conference Nov. 4

We are thrilled to announce that SNO will feature a strand of sessions specifically for publications transitioning into the digital world at the Columbia Scholastic Press Association’s Fall Conference on November 4 in New York. The five sessions will cover how to make the digital transition, to manage the publication, to report and produce content and to build your audience. If you’re planning to attend the conference, please be sure to find us at Columbia University.  For more information, visit the CSPA website:

Best of SNO

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