Why take my newspaper online?

If any of your students are planning a career in journalism, they won’t be doing it the old-fashioned way. Give your students the edge by providing them with the skills they need to run an online publication. Learn more about how your new Web site can help make your newspaper stronger.

How our sites work

Your website will be built on the WordPress publishing platform. This powerful platform will change how, what, and when you publish. Learn more about the capabilities of your new site.

Included features

Your new site will be built on the SNO FLEX platform for WordPress and will include all the latest developments in Web site functionality including drag and drop design, Google fonts, tools to change colors and styles, video embeds, slideshows, moderated comments, RSS feeds, interactive polls, and more. Learn more about the features of your new site.

Buying process

We’ll work with the payment process of any school. Learn more about how easy it is to purchase a Web site.

Customization options

As part of the setup of your website, we include basic customization. Learn more about the customization options we include.

Test drive

If you want to learn more about one of our sites, we invite you to take one for a test drive. Sign up for a username and password on our test drive site.

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