What are the customization options?

Domain Name

Choose the domain name you want for your site, and we will take care of the domain registration for you. We suggest using your school initials and the name of your newspaper to find a unique URL that hasn’t already been registered. Use this tool to research available domain names.

Design Template

Choose one of our SNO FLEX presets as the basis for your site. The SNO FLEX platform can be set to any of these looks, so if you want to change your site’s appearance, you can do so at any time. In addition, you can further customize any of the preset options.

Column Structure

The SNO FLEX platform allows for 6 different column configurations for the homepage that you can change in a matter of seconds.


Typically these should be the major section names in your print edition. We recommend keeping these one or two words long. These categories will appear in both your navigation bar and be set up as a homepage widget.

Showcase Area

The SNO FLEX platform includes five different display options for the homepage showcase, including image carousels, image/text carousels, and photo blocks.

Homepage Widgets

You can add any of the following widgets to your homepage: categories, video displays, polls, slideshows and galleries, events calendar, a list of recent comments, advertisements, podcasts, twitter feed, social media icons, and more.


We’ll set your colors for you, but you can easily change any colors on your site with a colorpicker on the SNO FLEX Design Options page. Use this tool to find colors that work well on websites. For more information about how colors work on your site you can read this handy article.


The SNO FLEX platform has incorporated the Google font library and allows you to set the font for 8 different font zones (header, navigation bars, headlines, etc…).

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