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Built for Journalists

Built for Journalists Founded by a journalism adviser, the SNO WordPress platform provides online publishing solutions for scholastic journalism programs.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design With the SNO FLEX framework, your site automatically adjusts to fit any display, be it a computer monitor or mobile device.

Testimonial #10

I would highly recommend School Newspapers Online as they fulfill everything they say they will do. Their designs work, they offer timely help, their site stays up, and it is very cost effective. Our school of 1200 started the Online Totem in mid October, and we have had great reviews from our community, especially Grandmas […]

Testimonial #9

This was our first year with an online paper, and we couldn’t be happier with SNO. Going “live” was painless as there was so much support available to us both online and through direct contact. We’re looking forward to an even better year next year and will be happy to continue with this great company.

Testimonial #6

As the advisor for our school paper, I can honestly say that putting our paper online has entirely changed my perception about what a school newspaper can be and do. Removing the hassles, the expense, and the waste of a hard copy newspaper has liberated me to help students with what I believe matters most […]

Testimonial #5

The Kirkwood High School journalism program had dabbled with the web for three years before finding School Newspapers Online. Thanks to the help of Tom and Jason, we are now confidently publishing scholastic journalism to our site. They have helped make our leap an easy one with excellent support and service. The site allows you […]