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SNO recognizes 63 publications as Distinguished Sites

Over the past eight months, more publications participated in and earned SNO Distinguished Sites status than ever before in the program’s seventh year. SNO recognized 63 student publications as distinguished sites, compared to 49 last year, and awarded 264 publications with at least one badge, up from 219. And while meeting the requirements to obtain […]

Tasks to end the school year

As you wrap up another school year, consider this straightforward list of tasks to do before putting your website to bed for the summer. Turn your site’s departing staff members into subscriber users. Doing this retains all the great content those students produced this year but strips away their access to the backend of the […]


Best of SNO Superlatives

We’ve almost made it through another school year, and with that, another record-breaking nine months of Best of SNO submissions. Don’t believe us? Check out these stats. As of mid-May, Best of SNO had… More than 20,000 stories submitted to it, since September Published approximately 3,500 pieces (an overall publication rate of 18%) 477 participating […]