SNO launches podcast all about journalism

Introducing SNOcast, a new weekly podcast series featuring conversations with journalism teachers, students and working professionals. We’ll discuss journalism best practices, lessons from being out in the field and everything in between.

In the beginning, we’ll also share our experiences and learned tricks, like those of anyone else, of going through the trials and errors of starting, producing and publishing a podcast, so that you, too, can explore this popular medium.

On the first episode, we sit down with former Echo (St. Louis Park High School) student newspaper editor Annabella Strathman for a discussion about creating a successful staff structure, including what it looked like for her publication, who answers to whom, which roles are responsible for what, and why separating print and online doesn’t work.

The podcast will be available wherever you get yours, so please subscribe, follow, favorite, or bookmark us, and make sure you don’t miss an episode.