Save $50 on FLOW from SNO

It’s barely August, but for many schools across the country, the 2015-16 school year is approaching fast. For journalism educators, that means training in new editors, planning new issues, creating new lesson plans, and more. Whether the publication in question is a website or a print paper, there’s no question that advising a scholastic news program involves a lot of moving parts. Luckily we’ve created FLOW, an all-in-one newsroom management system designed by advisers, for advisers.

Online news sites and print editions, magazines, even yearbooks–FLOW’s got them all covered. This intuitive, web-based platform allows advisers to track each step in the publication process. From story assignments to final layouts, from fact-checking to entering grades, streamlining your newsroom is only a few clicks away.

FLOW maximizes efficiency and promotes student focus by showing editors only the tasks that are currently assigned to them. Advisers, on the other hand, can monitor what each staff member or student is currently working on. The entire team can see when each news item is expected to be published.

FLOW is completely customizable, just like our WordPress websites. Advisers can sort and filter assignments and tasks in a way that makes sense for them–by student, section, or media type, by deadline or draft status. A handy calendar displays the publication schedule. A notifications feature will even send out an email when a story is ready for editing.

Maybe the coolest thing about FLOW is that it links seamlessly to articles and images in Google Drive, Dropbox, or WordPress. Plus, the program is accessible from any computer with an internet connection, so advisers and students can stay connected to the newsroom no matter where they are.

“Every adviser should have FLOW,” said Tracy Anderson, adviser at Community High School in Ann Arbor, Mich. “It is perfectly organized…to handle 100 journalism students and two publications. It is absolutely incredible.”

Advisers can sign up for a free FLOW test drive or live phone demo at Additionally, entering the offer code SNOPATROL when placing an order will automatically apply a $50 discount.

Replace the whiteboard. Ditch the spreadsheets. Throw away the sticky notes. We’re confident that using FLOW will make 2015-16 the best school year ever!