Journalism eXchange: A New Sharing Platform for Scholastic Journalism

We are pleased to announce the launch of Journalism eXchange (, a new social network and sharing platform for journalism educators, and we want you to join today and help us start a national conversation about scholastic journalism.

Journalism eXchange is a place where journalism educators can share ideas, ask questions, seek advice, and find inspiration.  Discussions will be unmoderated,searchable, and archived so that others will be able to find and benefit from the exchanges weeks and years after they happen.  And Journalism eXchange allows you to customize your notification settings, so your inbox won’t be flooded with messages you don’t have time to read.

We need your help getting this started.  Once people start posting, we believe that JX could be an incredible resource.  And you could be one of the early adopters.

Here’s what we dare you to do:

  1. Check out Journalism eXchange.
  2. Create a profile and add a pic.
  3. Answer our poll about journalism movies.
  4. Post a questionpoll, or discussion topic.
  5. Tell someone about it.  And when you do, call it JX (this sounds way cooler).

Journalism eXchange is open to all journalism educators, and this is not a replacement for the SNO Support Services you know and love –– if you ever have a problem with your website or need technical assistance, please continue to submit support requests to [email protected].

If you have questions or ideas for improvements, please send an email to[email protected].