The SNO Report: Comments and Sharing Content

We’re based in Minnesota, the home of Spam, but that doesn’t mean we like the stuff.  We’ve seen sites out there with hundreds of thousands of spam comments. If one of these sites happens to be yours, don’t worry –– there are a few quick fixes for this problem.

Start by adding a plugin called “Delete Pending Comments” –– this will allow you to delete all your pending comments in one click.

Once you get rid of all the spam comments, it’s important to close the doors that allowed those comments to occur in the first place. First, set up a free account with Akismet, which is WordPress’s anti-spam plugin. Second, add a captcha plugin.  Third, upgrade to the latest version of FLEX –– it now allows any given reader to comment only once every five minutes.

You want your readers to share your content, so make it easy.

The SNO FLEX theme is built to work with the ShareThis plugin, which makes it easy for your readers to share your content on any social network. To take advantage of this feature, you need to do two things:  first, make sure the ShareThis plugin is active on your site; second, on the SNO Design Options page (in the Story section), there’s a select box that allows you to add the display of the ShareThis icons on your story page. You can customize which social networks should be displayed and you can even customize the appearance of the icons by clicking on ShareThis under the Settings tab.

TIP: One of the settings for this plugin allows users to auto-insert the sharing icons on both posts and pages. We recommend that you set these values to “No” because the FLEX theme is already automatically inserting these icons on your story page, and who wants two sets of icons on their story page? No one, that’s who. When the FLEX theme inserts the icons, it adds them to a bar that hovers at the top of the screen even as a reader scrolls down the page — this has a more professional appearance than when the icons are just at the bottom of the story.

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