Case Study: SNO School Partners with Local Patch

When Patch, AOL’s local news company, launched the Pelham Patch, I introduced myself to the editor, Eleanor Goldberg, out of general interest in hyper-local journalism. Eleanor learned I was advising the new online elementary school paper here and did a web story and video piece on our newspaper.

Soon after the story on the Colonial Times appeared, the Patch launched a company-wide initiative to add blogs to all its sites. This is an effort  to replicate the model at the Huffington Post, which AOL now owns. Eleanor asked me if I wanted to blog, and I suggested instead the Colonial Times republish its stories as a blog.

The set-up works great and we’re now running the blog on Pelham Patch here. The Patch publishing tool is similar to SNO. We copy the stories and heds into the Patch tool after the story is live on our site, add a byline and a credit line that says, “This story originally appeared on the Colonial Times website.” We get the link back, the kids get more exposure for their work–you could call it a professional clip, even–and it increases visibility for the newspaper site in the community, as some of our posts run on the homepage of Pelham Patch.

I would suggest any online student paper in an area with a Patch (look up all their sites here) propose the same thing: Your paper blogs its content onto the Patch. They want content, and the kids benefit. I’m happy to talk with any advisers who want to hear more about this. Eleanor I’m sure would also.

This case study in partnering with was written by Rich Zahradnik, adviser of theColonial Times in Pelham, New York.  If you have a unique success story you would like to share with other SNO sites, drop us a line.