New Year, New Features

For the past several weeks, we have gradually released new features to our three core design templates — Herald, Enterprise, and Gazette — that make them more flexible than ever, and we are excited to tell you about them.

Six Column Configurations
Each design template features 6 different column configurations for the homepage that you can change in a matter of seconds. Your content (video embed sizes, photo sizes, etc…) will automatically be scaled to your new column configuration.

Top Stories Scroller
The Top Stories Scroller can be displayed in two different styles or it can also be turned off entirely. In addition, you have the choice of a text overlay on the bottom of the scroller. You also have control of the number of stories that rotate through this scroller.

Widget-Based Websites
The new homepage is built entirely out of four widget areas, and every element on the homepage is a widget. This means that you can use the WordPress widget interface to drag and drop as many widgets as you want into any of the areas in order to create a layout that is uniquely yours.

Flexible Category Widget
The category display boxes on the homepage (Sports or News, for example) each have the following options that can be customized separately in each widget — photo size, photo placement, teaser length, headline size, number of stories to display, and number of recent headlines to display. You can have as many category widgets on the homepage as you want.

Custom Color Picker
All colors on your site can be changed in a matter of seconds with a color picker on our Options Page.

Widgets for Ads, Podcasts, Video, and More
You can unlimited instances of these widgets. This means you can easily turn your homepage into a video-based page; you can also have as many ad spaces as you want.

Predefined Custom Fields
We’ve made it easier than ever to add all the information you need to attach to story elements: writer byline, captions, photo credits, video embed code, video credits, slideshows, slideshow credits.

Widget Styles
There are five widget header styles on our designs and you can also control the background and border of the widgets themselves. Each column on your homepage can be set to its own style of widget, or your whole homepage can be set to a uniform widget style. These options give your site hundreds of possible looks.