School Newspapers Online Announces Venture To Jumpstart Online Journalism Program In Hawaii

MINNEAPOLIS — Minneapolis-based School Newspapers Online (SNO) today announced it’s participating in an exciting new venture that will further extend the company’s already established imprint in Hawaii.

SNO, who operates three sites in the islands already, will be teaming with The Journalism Education Association’s (JEA) Southwest region to sponsor a December workshop in Honolulu, designed to help school advisors in Hawaii transition from print to online news publishing.

The workshop comes at a particularly opportune time, as escalating printing costs in Hawaii have fueled school systems’ desire to find alternative ways to publish. Funds for the workshop are being provided by the Radio Television Digital News Foundation, while JEA will commit travel funds for three people for the Dec. 17-20 workshop.

More than 10 advisors have already committed, and each will receive a free one year membership to the JEA, and a $25 voucher for the second year of membership.

“This initiative is meant to redefine scholastic journalism in Hawaii by focusing on online media, transitioning from paper publications,” said Ellen Austin, JEA Southwest Regional Director.

In sequence with past and existing partnerships, SNO’s niche is rooted in the ease and extensibility of its technology, which schools leverage to extend their content to the digital space. With the technology details and questions covered, advisors and students can stay focused on the essence of good journalism.

To help sustain the project, School Newspapers Online will equip each participating school with a Web site and suite of content management tools to use free for six months.  After which, schools can either purchase the technology that drives the site or walk away.

SNO will also provide advisors and leaders attending the workshop with instructional demo sites for intensive, hands-on training on how to create and operate a SNO Web site.

Tom Hutchison co-founded SNO and is thrilled with the opportunity to help schools in Hawaii become more savvy online publishers.

“By taking care of the technical details, we enable advisers and students to focus on journalism and storytelling. We’re eager to see what the students create with their new sites,” said Hutchinson.

About the Journalism Education Association

The Journalism Education Association supports free and responsible scholastic journalism by providing resources and educational opportunities, by promoting professionalism, by encouraging and rewarding student excellence and teacher achievement, and by fostering an atmosphere which encompasses diversity yet builds unity.

It’s the only independent national scholastic journalism organization for teachers and advisers.

Founded in 1924, JEA is a volunteer organization. Members of the Board of Directors, including the officers, are current or retired journalism teachers who have obtained their positions through national membership elections.

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About School Newspapers Online

School Newspapers Online, established in 2008 by a high-school newspaper advisor and teacher and an internet content management expert, is a company based in Minnesota’s Twin Cities that focuses specifically on the needs of high-school newspapers looking to create or enhance their presence on the Internet.

SNO has designed its web sites, well over 400 to date, to address the concerns and needs of newspaper advisers and their staffs. In an era of tight school funding, the company aims to keep its Web sites affordable while offering all the functionality and design flexibility found on major newspaper sites.

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